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In celebration of stone fruits… according to Bertrand

Stone Fruits

“Summer brings a bounty of stone fruits that can be used in dessert recipes, but also in many savory preparations. You have undoubtedly seen this item: “stone fruit” on many dessert menus, and some of you, like me, have wondered what exactly these fruits were. After further inquiry, I found out that it is simply a fruit with a large “stone” inside — also called a pit. Some of the most common stone fruits are cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums and mangoes. These fruits are wonderful raw, but also used frequently in cooking: for jams, clafoutis and cobblers but also in sauces, as in duck “Montmorency” with cherries, or salads where the sweetness of the fruit flesh balances the tartness of the dressing.

Now is the season, so make sure to enjoy stone fruits at their peak!”


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