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Guidelines and Procedures in Light of the Reopening following COVID-19 Closure

In an effort to embark on this new journey following our temporary closure, Mister A’s staff will enforce all Cal/OSHA and San Diego Area requirements and suggestions as far as wearing masks, maintaining personal hygiene, utilizing hand sanitizer and cleaning protocols, and physical distancing between guests and staff.  Below you will find an abridged version of all protocols and policies being introduced and enforced in preparation for reopening for Dine In Service.

Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Employees will be required to wear gloves along with their masks at most times in the dining room and at all times in the kitchen and bar, and dispose of the gloves after every possible contamination.
  • Guests will be expected to wear masks when away from their table, with removal for food and beverage consumption and be required to review our Covid Policy prior to visiting.
  • Sanitizer available within 10 feet of any touch point

Service Logistics and Procedures:

  • Reservations will be absolutely required, and taken at a measured pace to allow social distancing
    • We will only be able to field groups 10 minutes before or after their reservation times
    • We will be seating complete groups ONLY, and no partial groups
  • Table spacing in the dining rooms and patio will meet or exceed the 6ft separation between guests at all times
  • Maximized patio and outdoor seating
  • Removal of bar top, lounge area, and any communal space… We will still offer a more casual experience, but tables will be arranged in these areas to keep groups independently spaced from each other.
  • Server sections will be split up so that two servers divide up “clean” duties (taking orders, bringing items to the table) and the “unclean” duties (clearing items, resetting tables, etc.) so that guests and staff have as few possible cross contaminations as possible.
  • Every 30 minutes all “touch points” will be cleaned and disinfected (from elevator buttons to trays), service items like pens and wine lists rotated from the floor by a staff member, restrooms cleaned, and much more.

Additional Considerations:

  • Touchless menu and payment options using a QR code and your mobile phone (disposable menus and receipts will still be available)
  • We will temporarily suspend all cash payments
  • Strict staff and vendor intake policies with temperature checks, questions prior to access to the restaurant
  • Partitioning of work stations in the kitchen, bar and dining room to have as few interactions between staff groups as possible through each shift.
  • The largest group sizes will be a 8 in regular dining and a 12 in private dining.
  • Outside wine bottles or product will temporarily not be allowed
  • Intensive staff training on all laws, policies, and procedures and testing prior to first working shifts including mock services
  • We will offer some retail/takeout options (wine list, pastry boxes, specialty cocktails and in-office lunch options) to compliment our on-site options

Our goal will be to create a seamless, noninvasive new experience where our service and offerings can shine in this new era, and where our guests can enjoy as they always have.

We look forward to embarking on this new era of San Diego fine dining with our community, family and friends for 55 years and counting with a modern, necessary interpretation of hospitality for us all to trust and enjoy. We cannot wait to see you all!

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