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Our Cocktails 15

avocado toast
vida mezcal, tequila, agave, whipped avocado, liquor 43, lime

last exit
dr. zzyzx chipotle vodka, pumpkin-almond orgeat, roasted pineapple, lime, licor 43

the flamingo
citadel gin, lychee, peach, grapefruit infused dry vermouth, orange blossom water

mesquite manhattan
warbringer smoked southwest bourbon, luxardo, marasca, yzaguirre, amaro montenegro

bing cherry sour
bulleit rye, luxardo, house made cherry jam, egg white, citrus

30 day barrel aged classics

toki japanese whisky, aperol, braulio, toasted coffee beans

you & yours sunday gin, carpano antica, campari, absinthe, peychaud’s


next of gin
junipero gin, fresh ginger, raspberry, citrus

open sesame
A’s vanilla cold brew coffee, diplomatico dark rum, sesame and tahini, aquafaba foam

the weekender
pineapple-sage shrub, vodka, coconut rum, lime

burnt orange old fashioned
templeton and high west rye whiskies, charred orange reduction, orange angostura bitters

barrel aged 75
you & yours private label “provisional” barrel-aged gin, true champagne, lemon oil, peychaud’s

no proof 7.5

italian limeade
marasca cherry syrup, fresh lime, soda

house made fresca
cactus-pineapple or hibiscus

house made lemonade with fresh fruit
traditional, peach or strawberry


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