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Rosé: Santé! Welcoming Spring with Mister A’s owner, Bertrand Hug

Rosé: Santé! Welcoming Spring with Mister A's owner, Bertrand Hug

In the Mediterranean countries, rosé is synonymous with Spring and Summer, and we feel the same here at Mister A’s. Typically dry with fresh fruit flavors of strawberry, raspberry or peaches, rosé is a nice, crisp wine that serves as a perfect aperitif (though it grows on you — before you know it, you’ve enjoyed your rosé throughout the meal, as I often do!)

Many wine connoisseurs used to sneer when rosé was mentioned, but the popularity of this most versatile and food-friendly wine is on the steady rise in the states. Meanwhile in France rosés account for 39% of the total wine production! And did you know that they are actually red wines? Rosés are the product of keeping the grape juices (often Grenache or Syrah) in short contact with the skins, typically for one, two or even three days, giving them the rosy pink hue.

As the weather changes, these wines are a wonderful substitute for the heavier chardonnays or big reds of the colder months, and are often found at a very reasonable price point. My favorites (you can blame my origins — I was weaned on them!) are from Provence, Languedoc and the Rhône. Loire rosés are nice, but have the tendency to be sweeter.

Buy a few different bottles and experiment (or explore the Mister A’s wine list) — I guarantee you’ll enjoy, and hope you’ll come by and thank me for it!

Rosé: Santé!

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