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Summer’s Favorite Grain

“Both my restaurants have been shopping at Chino Farms since 1975. The tremendous difference between produce picked that morning at its peak of ripeness with no middle man or extended refrigeration period results in the absolute farm to table experience. In terms of their corn, one would be hard pressed to find a sweeter, more expressive vessel of taste and texture (lightly crunchy and bursting at the bite). We get the first yellow corn of the season, then the bi-colored variety and then white corn. We also purchase huitlacoche, of course. Chef Stephane and Chef de Cuisine Sean McCart have brought their creative minds together on two recipes implementing corn: George’s Bank Scallops with Chanterelles, White Corn, Huitlacoche and Buttermilk Pavé and Organic Corn Cakes with White Corn Butter, Elote and Tajîn.

The first uses the sweetness of the corn and the two fungi, chanterelles and huitlacoche, to bring smoky and earthy flavors to the dish, with the creaminess of the buttermilk pavé to compliment the unique shellfish-like texture of the scallops. For the organic corn cakes, the chefs took a more playful approach with the addition of white corn butter and the grilled corn (elote) seasoned like the street corner ones with spices and the tanginess that comes from the tajín. Join us to enjoy this beloved grain before the season is over!” — Bertrand Hug

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