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During the mid-1980s, young restaurateur Bertrand Hug opened his restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe, named Mille Fleurs. The restaurant was a huge success, and found itself in the national spotlight after a short time, eventually being voted into the “Top 25 Restaurants in America” by Gourmet Magazine in 1992.

During the 80s and 90s, Bertrand would make several visits to Mister A’s, whether it was for a cocktail to admire the view or for dinner. From the moment he first stepped foot on the 12th floor, he loved the location and longed for it to be his. That dream was on his mind for 15 years until he presented the idea of purchasing the restaurant to Mr.Alessio in 1994.

Finally, after dozens of meetings with the Alessio family, in the fall of 1999 the Union Tribune announced that the following year would bring new ownership to the timeless San Diego restaurant. The following newspaper headline was “If You Close It, They Will Come.”